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TechVets The Podcast: CSR initiatives as tools for in-house talent generation

May 13, 2021

In this show we’re discussing how programmes designed to create tech opportunities for marginalised communities and under represented groups – including forces personnel – are the way forward for big business Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

Joining us for this podcast is Steve Nolan, Head of Veteran Liaison at Fortinet (UK and Canada) and TechVets CEO James Murphy.

We talk about the various CSR initiatives that are available to service leavers and veterans including those run by Fortinet and AWS re/Start. Up for discussion is the concept of using CSR initiatives to generate talent in-house and the need for HR departments to stop chasing unicorns (full trained, experience tech jedis) and accept a better approach, that of nurturing their own talent.

The CSR programmes of 2021 are specifically designed to attract diverse candidates and create pathways for a larger pool of people to access opportunities in the tech workplace. By creating a proposition of value where both parties mutually benefit, CSR programmes will help to generate a pipeline of ex-service personnel who are trained and ready for tech employment in a seamless approach from resettlement, through in-house training to a designated role.

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